Mar 22, 2006


So Jill Robshaw, friend from church who is currently in Austrailia, has recorded some music, and I had a link to her site on my list of music links. Today I was going through all the sites on my music list, because I honestly haven't looked at any of them (other than David Crowder) in a really long time, and when I got to the end of the list and clicked on Jill's, I was quite surprised to find a completely different "Jill Robshaw" website... not that she has updated it, it is a different Jill Robshaw. Some girl who gives health and beauty tips or something. So anyway, I'm taking that link off. Makes me wonder how common any given name is. There's some website where you can find that out, but I don't remember what it is. I know on mine and Rob's registry for Bed, Bath, and Beyond there are 5 of me but like 2 pages full of his name! It's kinda weird. Anyway, that's my random news of the day. Later.

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