Apr 4, 2006

hey! you're part of it...

Hello all! ("All" of course meaning the handfull of you who actually read this.) So life is totally and completely average these days. Aside from being engaged (which is awesome) and being busy with a bunch of little things, there's really nothing to speak of. Well, I guess that's actually pretty contradictory. I'm busy, so I guess that means there's lots to speak of. Rob and I are headed to Ft.Lauderdale this weekend for an engagement party with his family, which is exciting. We will, of course, sing in their church service on Sunday, as well. Ryan might even make the quick trip down from West Palm to sing with us, which would be cool. Easter is coming up, in connection with wich, we are planning a special Stations of the Cross evening for Fusion, which I think will be really good. Easter weekend itself will probably be spent with my family. Also that weekend, Rob and I will for the first time be able to see our furniture we ordered! (It was delivered to the parents' house for storage purposes.) And I'll get to stain the bedframe we bought, which I'm really excited about doing! (We might be able to get into the condo we want as early as May or June, which would mean I would move in, and we would be able to get everything settled there in plenty of time before the wedding.) The girls are throwing me a party at my house in a few weeks, so as to be able to have it before Erica moves. And then there's all the weddings! Holly and Kyle got married last Saturday; Rob's coworker gets married on May 13; the next day Rob's good friend Nate gets married and Rob's in the wedding; in June Rob is the best man in Damon's wedding; and then we get married in July. How crazy! I guess the summer is just a good time for weddings! I don't think I've ever been to so many weddings in one year, much less one season! That's all the big stuff that's coming up, I guess. Other than that, I'll just be working all summer and waiting for a teaching position. I'm satisfied doing what I'm doing for as long as I need to until the right job for me comes along; I just really hope that right job comes sooner rather than later. But God has totally blessed me with my current situation in so many ways, so I can't complain.

Anyway, just counting down the minutes left in the work day. Hope everyone is doing well. Grace and peace!

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