May 28, 2003

I came across a blog by a 15 year old girl named Danielle a few minutes ago. For a high school freshman-going-on-sophmore, she writes really well. (No offense to high school freshmen-going-on-sophmores in general, or anything!) Anyway, she had this really great post where she was talking about 1 Peter 5:7. One thing she said was, "there is no problem so large you cannot trust it to God, and none so small you can trust it to yourself." That really hit me. So did the rest of her comments on the passage, but I could do no justice to the overall effect they have, so if you'd like, you can read them yourself... (just click on the link... it should take you right to that post).

Not much excitement in the Life and Times of Megan Lee lately. Just that my car's acting weird, which it's been doing since before I came home from school a month ago! So now that I've hopefully got a somewhat inflexible schedule starting next week (i.e. hopefully I got the job I want, for which I'm STILL waiting to hear the final word) NOW the parents decide we can have the car checked out. So that means if I get the job and we have to do something half-way major to the car, I either have to take time out of my newly busy schedule to have it fixed, or I get to drive the TANK... (those of you who have seen my mom's car know what I'm talkin' about!). It's all good, though. Life goes on! That's about all for now. Oh, except I should mention how much I LOVE Panera Bread! Mmm, mmm, good! Later!

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