Jul 1, 2003

I wrote this in response to Katie's post where she mentions that she feels as though she does not pray enough. I thought it would be worth posting here as well.
"I understand completely the situation you find yourself in. It is very similar to my own. I would like to say, however, that recently I have begun to see prayer in a slightly different way. Although prayer as we typically think of it--a deliberate time of conversation--is important, we should also be mindful of the fact that we spend every moment of our lives with God since He has said that He will never leave us. Prayer can be simple statements/questions/requests mentioned throughout the day, like if you see a car accident and simply say "God be with them" you didn't have to set aside 30 minutes of "conversation time" for your prayer; you just said it as if He was right beside you, because He is. Like in a human relationship, although times of serious conversation are important, they are no more important than the minute to minute conversations we have with our friend as we walk throught the shopping mall together. without the latter, the former would be, at best, awkward. don't neglect the latter in your pursuit of the former. I should take this advice as well."
Please tell me what you think.

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