Jul 25, 2003

I've decided I'm absolutely pitiful. "The girls" and I (Laci and others from school) have decided to make sure we have an apartment by the end of the school year so we can move in next summer. That's all well and good, but I'm acting like we're moving in a week! And I'm not alone; Laci is too. We've both done all the math to decide the cost difference between this and on-campus. I've been "shopping" this week (not actually buying, just looking, online mostly) to find all the stuff we'll need to move in, all the way down to plates and silverware. It's not all rediculous, though. My motto is "leave no stone unturned." By the time we actually have an apartment, I'll be the most knowledgable first-time rentee ever! I need to find out the cost of stuff to know how tight I should keep my budget this year... or how much tighter, since I'm already limited. I'm so excited, though... especially about the shopping part! I'd rather shop for household stuff over clothes any day. I can be a bit controlling at times, though. Hopefully I won't become too much of a shopping-natzi when it comes down to it! Anyway, not much else is going on in my life right now. Relatively dull. But that's okay, I'm sure I'll miss the dull-ness by mid-September! Later.

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