Aug 11, 2003

It's the little things...

Call me easily amused, but I'm way excited about the new face-plate I got for my cell phone yesterday. It's a turquose/teal-ish color and it's see-through. I love it! And I'm thoroughly amused that you can see the little lights on the keypad through the face-plate! It's very exciting!

I've been debating about which devotional/quiet time program to use for the upcoming school year. I think I've finally decided. I was looking at several different ones online today, but I just couldn't find one that exactly suited me. I remebered that I have a box full of all my old Bible study books and what-not on the top shelf of the closet in our spare room, so I decided to take a look at those to see if I got any ideas. I found a stack of monthly devotional guides from several years ago that I got in the mail for free for a year for some reason, but I had never used them. I like the format they use. I looked at their websight to see if I want to order them this year. I really like them, but instead of ordering them for now, I think I'm going to use the old ones I have. The dates on the top of each page will be wrong, but I'll deal. Each year they go all the way through the Bible, but each year the commentary portion is different. I like that. I think I'll use the old ones for now, and if I stick with it, I will order the new ones starting in January. The name of the devotional guides is Daily Walk by The Navigators. I think I'll enjoy them.

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