Sep 14, 2003


I totally love my church here in St. Augustine (Anastasia) and I'm reminded of that every time I go there. Worship this morning was so fun as well as awesome! The worship band opened up the service with "The Happy Song," which Bobby plays the into of on his harmonica! He's incredible! ("The Happy Song" is the one that goes "I could sing unending songs of how You saved my soul; I could dance a thousand miles because of Your great love.") I know style is not important in worship -- it's just a matter of preference -- but I do think it's important to enjoy worship, and when you enjoy the style it usually helps. The worship band at Anastasia is so fun. If you aren't smiling when you go into church, you will be by the first song!

I'm joining the leadership team for Fusion, so I'm about to go to a leadership meeting in a few minutes. I'm way excited about that ministry. Last Wednesday was our official kick-off. There were so many people there! And not just the "church people"... there were a bunch of new faces, for which I was really excited. I love that it's so "open," by which I mean that people from all different churches from around the city come to it without feeling like they have to be members of Anastasia to come. So far it's been really good. I'm looking forward to what's to come. Later.

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