Nov 4, 2003

A funny story...

Allie e-mailed me the other day telling me about her week and this was the concluding story. I laughed very, very hard. (Hope ya don't mind me sharing it, Al!)

the weekend was good. friday night i ended up going to the fall festival and helping out with the college "booth" which mind you, it turned out to be this 20 ft. blow up slide which ran by a generator. well i was at the top yelling "go" for the kids to go one at a time and jamie was at the bottom of the slide helping the kids off. all of a sudden - i look over and the blown up stairwell that all the kids are climbing up starts deflating ! megan, it felt like a Titanic experience... we started sinking ! the sides the of the slide starting folding over the kids so i was literally picking the kids up and throwing them down the slide that was not yet deflating. the next thing i know. the only thing between me and jamie and the parking lot is the deflated slide. megan- it was SO scary- hahaha but now that i look back it was hilarious ! the generator had went out and WABAM - there we all went.

Thanks for the laugh Allie! I hope the rest of you enjoyed the story as well.

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