Nov 15, 2003

a little random and not thought out...

Okay, so I was thinking at the concert the other night about what non-Christians think of Christians. The typical stereotype is that we have no fun at all and we're quiet and reserved all the time. YEAH RIGHT!! And if asked to make an analogy of the Christian life, most non-Christians would liken it to something similar to a monastery. Honestly, however, I think my Christian life is a lot more like a rock concert! "Rock Concert Christianity".... that's what I'm gonna call it from now on! Seriously, though... if you think about it, true Christians who honestly believe what they say they believe are going to be excited/passionate about their faith. That doesn't mean we're going to bash people over the head with it; it just means it's the central aspect of who we are and we're going to be excited and passionate about it and enjoy it. Just like somebody's favorite rock band. If your favorite band is coming to town in a month, you basically count down the days till the concert and get more and more excited about it as it gets closer. Then, when you're actually at the concert, you're the most obnoxious you've ever been in your whole life 'cause being there is the most exciting thing you could possibly think of. You're passionate and excited about your favorite band because you (obviously) believe they are THE BEST in the world. And when you hear that someone else doesn't like them, you can't comprehend why not! Okay, I'm not going to try to connect every point of this to my analogy, but the basic point might be summed up in the last two sentences of it: you're passionate and excited about it because you believe it's the best and you can't understand why someone else wouldn't be. Furthermore, you want to expose them to it in hopes that they might gain the same level of excitement as you have.

I don't know if this made any sense to anyone, but it was in my head, so I wrote about it. As usual, it may only make sense to me, but I'm okay with that! Later.

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