Nov 13, 2003


Guess what today is........ THE DAVID CROWDER CONCERT!!!!! It's the Passion concert with David Crowder and Chris Tomlin. I'm soooo excited!!! It's going to be incredible! It'll be a little different because I'll be with St. Augustine people and Jacksonville people at the same time, which doesn't usually happen too much. It'll be cool though. I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!! Did I say that already?!

Anyway, the first part of my week was a little hectic. My big case study paper was due on Monday and my huge classroom management plan was due on Tuesday. I was up till 2:30am Monday night. But the rest of the week has been particularly good. Wednesday most classes were cancelled for registration. I still had ASL at 4:00, but it was even a short class because we got to leave after our test. Speaking of registration, I got all my classes perfectly organized for the rest of my time here at Flagler. I just hope I actually get all the ones I signed up for because if I don't, that'll throw everything off. AND (this will mean absolutely nothing to most of you) Grammar Theory will count for a Social Science! That's exciting news! Fusion was awesome last night. Jill spoke. She's so good. Very powerful message. I hope she speaks again this semester. Today was a good day because I got to wear Krissy's cool pin-striped pants to my classroom observation. Then, when I came back I actually found a parking spot! A decent one! At Flagler, that is cause for excitement. For those who don't know, we get very creative with our parking here. A common statement is that if you don't feel like a contortionist when you get out of your car, get back in and try the parking again... you've got to get closer. Literally, you are only allowed to use 75% of a parking space here. If there are not 4 cars to every 3 spaces, something is wrong! Anyway, enough about Flagler's parking problems. I'm back to thinking about the concert tonight and how awesome it's going to be!!! And then, tomorrow Krissy, Erica, and Andrew are coming to my house! Yay! It'll be a fun weekend. That's about all for now. Tune in later!

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