Nov 20, 2003


I'm having a particularly good day and just thought I'd share that. I usually have one class on Thursdays, but it was cancelled for today, so I got to sleep late. I got up, took a shower and stuff, and went to lunch. I hung out in the room for a little bit, and then went outside to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather and read my Bible a little. Brenna called me to find out where I was, and then she came and kidnapped me and we got smoothies and sat by the fort. It was wonderful... I haven't gotten to have a real conversation with her in FOREVER. I'm about to go lift weights with Krissy and Christina which I'm really excited about. Then, it's off to the Intramural soccer game to watch Andrew and his buddies. I like soccer games. I used to go during high school and shiver in the cold... good times. I've only been to one of the "real" soccer games here... it was pretty good. Tonight will be "just like old times" though because the weather's nice and cool. Okay, gotta go now. Later.

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