Jul 28, 2004

random abbey thought of the day...

Out of the blue today, Abbey (12) asked me, "Are you and Niki best friends?"  "Not best friends," I replied.  "What makes you ask that?"  "Cause you two get along so good.  And you sure do laugh alot together." 

Mind you, Niki and her mom Lori came for a visit back in the beginning of May.  Today, nearing the end of July, Abbey asks me this.  You've got to love the 12-year-old mind! 

She did make me think, though.  I really do enjoy Niki's company.  I think we have similar personalities in certain ways.  And definitely a similar sense of humor... a bit on the sarcastic side.  Funny how you don't notice things until a 12-year-old points them out to you.

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