Oct 27, 2004


I'm speaking tomorrow at Fusion. (Well, today, according to the date... it's after midnight.) Rob told me he's excited to hear what I have to say... I said "so am I." Ha. I was a little nervous about it yesterday, feeling like I really didn't have anything to say, but it came together some earlier. Hopefully, God will pull it all together because I still feel a little scattered. As long as the heart of what I'm saying is communicated, I'll be pleased. As usual, I'm excited about the music. I love singing with the team (Devon, Rob, Donnie, and/or Phil).

For those of you who are new readers of this wonderful blog ;) humor me and place your pin on the map. (Eh-hem... Rob...) Sadly, that's my entertainment. And since some of my friends don't do any real work... they may have some free time on their hands. Just kidding. Aight, that's it for tonight... got to get to bed... I'm a fan of the ellipse marks today... I'm really going now... g'night.

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