Nov 11, 2004

latest events...

Well, last night I got three hours of sleep. Actually, slightly less. I had no other option but to wake up and go to my 8:00 class because that was the main one that I had to turn in work for. So I went, and we got out early, so I came home for a nap with the specific intention of sleeping through my 9:30 class and returning to school for my 11:00 class. And that is exactly what I did. And it was terrific. (I would have skipped my 11:00 as well, but I needed the time to do work... that's my Instructional Design class in the Mac lab.) After ID class, I went to photography, where I had a quiz that I'm not really sure how well I did on, followed by me giving a presentation on photographer Keith Carter. The presentation went well. I like the presentations in that class because they're so laid-back (like my teacher) and there's no real rules as to what you have to do. All he wants is for us to inform everyone else of what we have learned about our specific photographer. You would think that with so few "requirements," the presentations would be half-hearted and utterly crappy, but honestly, I think people do better without so many boundaries and parameters. Makes me question conventional teaching methods. We actually had an improptu conversation about this same general topic in my 8:00 class. Very interesting.

So that was school. Then, I got beat by Alex in chess. Alex is in fourth grade. I felt very humbled. For a kid who hates to "work," he sure is smart. It wasn't chance that he won; he totally had a strategy going. I don't do strategies. My brain doesn't work that way. I'm just like, "oh, I'll move this pawn here... and this knight here..." Anyway, I suppose he did have a bit of an advantage because he plays chess on the computer frequently, and I haven't played in years.

Later in the evening, I opted (with the support of two of my roomies) to skip my practicum at the tech center. Long story short, I'm supposed to have 20 hours done this semester, I currently have 0 (mostly the fault of Flagler)... I was going to start my practicum tonight and continue going for the remaining Thursday nights of this semester because Thursdays are my ONLY free nights... but when it came time for me to go tonight, I debated its worth because I also had to write my internship application essay, and as I reasoned, it really makes no difference if I have 6 or 8 hours of the 20 done at the end of the semester. With Christina's (and Krissy's) confident support, I decided to stay home and write my essay. So my essay is done and will be turned in tomorrow morning, and I will soon know if I will be interning at the school I chose. I'm anxious to find that out.

So that is all for now. I think I have written plenty for one day. Buenos noches.

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