Nov 9, 2004

Random Survey Part 2...

Full Name: Megan Michelle Lee
> >1. Been Kissed: Yes
> >2. Eaten an entire thing of oreos? not by myself
> >3. Eaten sushi: no
> >4. Been on stage: Yes
> >5. Ever been dumped: yes & no... It’s complicated
> >6. Has someone been unfaithful to you: eh, we were too young for it to really count... I won’t hold it against him
> >1. Cold or hot: Cold
> >2. Blue or Red: Blue
> >3. Rain or snow: Rain
> >4. Give or receive: Give
> >5. Wool or cotton: Cotton
> >7. Private school or public: graduated from Private, want to teach at Public
> >9. Celsius or Fahrenheit: Fahrenheit
> >10. Spring or fall?: Fall
> >11. History or Science?: Science
> >12. Math or English: definitely English
Opposite Sex
> >1. Do you like someone right now: I think so
> >2. Do they know?: I don't know...
> >3. What do you look for in the opposite sex?: Sense of Humor, Cute Eyes, Love for God
Your Friends
> >1. Who are your funniest friends: Luis & Rob
> >2. Who makes you laugh/smile the most?: probably Nena
> >3. Who Do You e-mail the most: Lately, it would have to be Rob
> >4. Who are your good Friends?: Allison, Krissy, the girls, the Fusion crowd...
> >5. Who's the loudest?: Rob :) Erica
> >6. Who's the shyest?: hhhmmmm... I don't really know any Shy people
> >7. Who do you know the best?: Allison
Within The Last 24 Hours
> >1. Had a serious talk? no
> >2. Hugged someone?? yes
> >3. Gotten along with your parents? always
> >4. Fought with a friend? no
Do You Like To
> >1. Give hugs: absolutely
> >2. Give back rubs: yeah
> >3. Take a walk in the rain: Of course
Which One Of Your Friends
> >1. Is most likely to grow up to be the president? dunno
> >2. Which one knows most about you? Allison in most ways, Krissy in others
> >3. Is most likely to become a comedian? Rob
> >4. Have you known the longest? Allison (21 years)
Have You Ever
> >1. Been to a concert: yes
> >2. Been out of the country: yes
> >1. Single or Hooked: single
> >2. Your biggest crush: Adam (friend from high school)
> >3. If you were gonna go out with anyone who would it be?: hhmmmmm... we'll find out.
> >4. Have you ever had an online relationship? No
> >5. What are some things you wish to do in the future with the opposite sex?: Get Married
> >1. What is your worst habit: speaking before considering how it will affect others
> >2. What really makes you mad?: Not a whole lot, but I’d probably have to say inconsiderate people
> >3. What are you scared of?: not much
> >4. Happiest moment: dunno
> >5. Do you swear? No... Hate it.
> >6. When was the last time you showered?: this morning
> >7. What color pants do you have on right now? black
> >8. What are u listening to right now? "Barlow Girls" by Superchick (Erica’s playing it in the other room)
> >9. What was the last thing that you said? "No, I haven’t been able to find them."
> >10. What is your computer desk made of? Glass and metal, but that’s not where i’m sitting now
> >11. What are the last 4 digits in your phone number? 9388
> >12. What was the last thing you ate: quesedillas
> >13. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Gecko green
> >15. How many buddies do you have on your contact list? 40-50... I’m not sure
> >16. How's the weather right now? chilly
> >18. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?: Lisa yesterday
> >19. The nicest thing you find about the opposite sex?: humor, being a good leader
> >20. The nicest present you've gotten this year: my camera that my dad graciously provided for me :)
> >21. How do you eat your Oreo?: I try to change it up a lot... Eat each one differently
> >22. How about peanut butter cup?: one bite at a time, but saving at least ½ of the outer edge of chocolate for the last bite
> >23. What makes you happy?: Music, friends, church, photography
> >24. Fave CD?: currently, probably David Crowder’s Lime CD
> >25. Height: 5'4"
> >26. Do you have glasses? no
> >27. Last CD bought? Hmmm... I think it was Matt Redman "Facedown"
> >28. Have you won any special awards?: nothing terribly important... But I was in one of those cheezy "Who’s who" books in highschool!
> >29. What do you want to be when you grow up?: a mom
> >30. Your future goals: too many to mention
> >31. If you were an animal what would you be?: A sloth... Haha... Or maybe a Leemer cause they look cool
> >23. What will you name your first child?: no sense in putting down an answer b/c my preferences change too often
> >33. What are you scared of most in the world? Being lonely / never finding the right person for me

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