Mar 15, 2005

the latest...

So I got my official intern placement in my box today. Very exciting. I actually knew about two weeks ago where I was being placed because I ran into the VP while I was doing my practicum. Anyway, I'm going to be working with Mrs. Johnson at R.B.Hunt, who is a second grade teacher (perfect), and current teacher of the year, so she must be doing a pretty good job. I met her when I first found out I was being placed with her, and she seems very nice and very helpful. I am looking forward to my internship for the sheer fact that it means I don't have to take any more classes, but now I'm definitely encouraged that it will be a good experience.

My throat is hurting today. I hope it's just my sinuses being weird and not me getting sick. I don't have time to be sick.

I had a wonderful surprise last night... I am now the proud new owner of my very own, very handsome orchid plant. It was accompanied by a nice letter and a great mix cd, and of course the handsome boy who brought it to me, who had to lie to get me to find it on my front porch. I'll forgive him though :) Orchids are my absolute favorite flowers. I decided today that God put them on the earth simply for my enjoyment if for no other reason. They're out of the ordinary, and actually a little weird in a way, which is probably why I'm so drawn to them! I think as much fun as receiving them last night was finding one of the blossoms on my windshield this morning. It made me smile. So despite the craziness of school right now, this has been a very nice week.

College weekend went very well this past weekend. (And Easter is coming up in another two, although plans have not been determined for that as of yet.) My parents and Rob's parents met over the weekend, which seemed to go over well. I built a pinhole camera this week, and hope to get a decent picture made from it tomorrow. I have had two tests so far this week, and other than the regular stuff, all I have left is to finish the case study I am working on. I say "all" as if that's a small task. It's really not. The improv team is "performing" or whatever you call it at Fusion tomorrow night, which should be fun. And I hope to see the one-act plays at school this weekend. Also, the pictures from everybody in my photo class and Photo 1 are hanging in Flagler's art gallery this week, so I hope to get over there at some point and see them.

So that's the latest on my life. Thanks for reading. Hopefully more to come next week, as I hopefully will not be as busy. Later.

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