Mar 18, 2005


At long last, a very relieving end to my week has come. Actually, for as busy as I have been this week, it has been a relatively good one. Not too stressed out, as I was last week. And God has definitely blessed me in lots of little things over the course of the past several days, so that's really cool. It's cool that God is so good to us, even when we don't deserve it. I guess it's like the prodigal son, which Rob reminded me of yesterday... from a Bright Eyes song, oddly enough. Part of the song talks about this guy who is in the hospital from overdosing on drugs, and his dad is there in the room with him, and he tells his dad he's sorry for being so stupid, and his dad is like "there's nothing you could do that would make me not love you." God sees us that way, and that's cool to me. What's ironic, however, is that (in my opinion) when someone tells us that ("there's nothing you could do that would make me not love you") it makes us want to do better. I mean, we could be like, "Sweet, I can do whatever I want," but that's not how it seems to work. The fact that we are receiving unconditional love seems to make us want to work harder at deserving it. On the other hand, if we are told that we will only be loved if we meet certain requirements or expectations, it's like we blow it off and say, "Well forget that. I'll never be good enough. And I don't need them anyway." Funny how that works. But a good thing, because I know I could never deserve God's love. And that makes me want to try. hmm.

I had no idea I was going to write that when I sat down at my computer a few minutes ago. I like posts like that. Well, that's all for now. I think Rob and I are headed up to Jax Beach to go to Al's Pizza, which I've never been to, but have heard lots about. It should be tons of fun. Later.

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