Apr 4, 2005

let me introduce myself...

"Hi, my name is Megan. I'm sure you don't remember me since it's been forever since you heard from me!" Okay, so I know it's been forever since I've put up a post, but life has been keeping me busy. And for the record, last Tuesday I wrote up a beautiful and lengthy account of all the latest happenings of my life so that all three or four of you who actually read this would be up-to-date, but when I hit the button to submit my post, it disappeared. I was quite annoyed and have not had any time to recreate said post. So I'll "spread it out for you in a nutshell." Since College Weekend, which was basically the last thing I wrote about, I had a two-day "spring blink" which was entirely rainy, save Thursday which I spent doing laundry. I did get to see Copeland in concert, however; Rob took me up to Five Points that Friday night. It was a good time. The next day we took a drive down to Daytona for some photo supplies, and we spent the majority of the rainy day shopping. We went to church on Saturday night to avoid the Sunday morning Easter crowd, and then went to the sunrise service at the beach on Easter, which was followed by a surprisingly enjoyable breakfast at IHOP. Registration the following day was the easiest thing I've ever done: I handed the Registrar girl my ID, said "I'm interning for elementary ed," she punched a couple of numbers into the computer, and I was done. Beautiful. This past Friday Rob and I had dinner at Harry's, and had intentions of doing the Art Walk, but the rain canceled those plans. Saturday I woke up early to do a beach clean-up project which I had been elected to head up for Kappa-Delta-Pi, but due to the early morning rain it wound up being just me and one other girl. (Rain wins again.) But we did what we could, and it actually went pretty well. Later that day was Phil and Tracy's shower, which was really nice. Rob and I put together a game for it where we asked Phil and Tracy questions about each other to see who knew the most. We then presented them with prizes which consisted of random dollar-store finds... including matching dollar-store lingere. Tracy's face was priceless. Quinn and Shelley also got married in Jacksonville on Saturday. Quinn's the first person I grew up with that I actually stay in any kind of contact with to get married. It's kinda weird. But I'm definitely very happy for the two of them. They're perfect for each other. Speaking of, Rob and I ran into Quinn and Shelley last week at the Copeland concert. It was nice to get to talk with them and catch up a little. Anyway, then Saturday night was the Edge, which was great, as usual. The UCF Campus Crusade band was there, which consists of two of Rob's friends who actually grew up here at Anastasia. Then came Daylight Savings Time. It is definitely of the devil. Sunday was a little hard to wake up, but today was far worse. So anyway, now you're all caught up. This week I have my intern meeting, three tests, and an extra day of work. Saturday is yet another wedding, which I haven't actually been to one recently, so I'll enjoy it. And hopefully I'll also be going to the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, too. Sunday is my dad's birthday. Next Wednesday is my portfolio presentation, upon which my very existence hinges. Friday is a party for the people on Fusion Leadership. Saturday is my K-6 teacher certification exam (AAAAGGGGHHHH!). The following week is finals. Then Ft.Lauderdale for Megan's baby shower. Then SUMMER!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I can't wait! Nine days of school, then finals. If I make it through, it will be possibly the most anticipated summer ever.

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