Jun 2, 2005


I struggle with the line between being straight-up with people when they need it and being rude. I was thinking about that this week. Tracy and I discussed it a little. When such a situation arises that calls for being straight-up, I don't think I generally wind up being rude because I typically have seen the situation coming for a while, so I've already thought about it a lot and have decided what I should say. The problem comes when a situation arises too suddenly to give it much thought. If I act in haste, I'm rude. Also, if a particular situation comes up repeatedly, I tend to lose patience for it, so then I'm more blunt with the people involved, which comes across as rude. None of this has actually been an issue too much recently; it's just something that has been on my mind. And it's something I can see that may be an issue in the near future. Okay, well there was this one instance this past week where I made a comment that was a little less tactful than it could have been and it was overheard by people who were not intended to hear it, and I think they may hate my guts now (not that I've ever been too concerned about who hates me or not). Had I been speaking to those people, I wouldn't have changed WHAT I said but I may have changed HOW I said it. What I said was true and needed to be said, but I suppose for the sake of not hurting feelings or stepping on toes, it could have been said in a gentler way. For my lack of tact, I apologize. I am sorry if people were offended. I have been reminded by this situation to consider the effects of what I say, and hopefully this lesson will help in any upcoming situations.

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