Oct 12, 2005

quick post...

I promised a "to be continued" post, so here it is. Friday night Rob and I had a nice quiet dinner of enchiladas and wine, followed by the special outing, which was to Gypsy Comedy Club. It was really a lot of fun. I like birthdays, especially when I get the opportunity to do something for someone I love.

School is going well this week. Nothing terribly exciting to report. OH, OH... except for something really awesome, which has nothing to do with what I'm doing right now, but rather what I will be doing in the future. Judi, my supervisor who does my observations, knows a guy who teaches second grade at Hartley Elementary (south St.Augustine). He and his wife are adopting a little baby soon, and he will be taking off on paternal leave for January and February and will need a substitute. Judi recommended me, and it looks like it might work out! I'm taking my sub training class next Wednesday, so from that point on I will be a St.Johns county sub, which is good anyway, but if I can do this long-term sub job it will be really great. It will not only give me a good two months of experience, but also will give me an "in" with the principal at Hartley. Full-time positions are hard to come by in St.Johns county because of the number of applicants, so any kind of experience or connections you have are to your benefit. Also, Rob made a good point when he said that if I have that job for two months, I will be able to make enough money that I can afford not to work full time for a little while after that so I can go to interviews and what-not. Long-term sub positions make a little better money too, so that would be another plus. Anyway, I'm eager to see how this all turns out. It's looking very promising! I just think it's cool how good God is, because I just prayed about the job thing with the girls on Sunday, and on Tuesday morning I found out about this. How cool is that!

Okay, so that's all for now. I have things that need to be done! Later!

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