Dec 6, 2005

all grown up...

There are various points in one's life that are somewhat defining as steps toward adulthood. Yesterday, mine was being a "big girl" and going to get a shot all by myself. Aside from when I was deathly ill over the summer, this is the only other time I've even had to go to the doctor by myself. The actual "going" isn't so bad, it's more everything leading up to going. Over the summer, it was figuring out which doctor I was allowed to go to in St.Augustine that was covered by my insurance, and then actually getting in to see him, and then finding out there was a problem with my insurance and having to make the necessary calls to figure all that stuff out, all while my tonsils were swelling to the size of ping-pong balls. Yesterday wasn't nearly as confusing. I just had to figure out the right office of the health department to go to. So I went and got my Tetanus shot (so I can go to New Orleans next week) by myself, and it wasn't that bad. But it is a Tetanus shot, which is known to make you sore, so my arm hurts a little today. It just feels like when you've pulled a muscle or something.

Speaking of New Orleans, I'm going there next week with a group from church to do some disaster relief stuff. Honestly, at first I wasn't that excited about it, but I just felt like I should go. Now I'm pretty excited about going. I went last year to Punta Gorda to do similar work, and that was a really good experience. I'm just hoping for more organization while we're there this time, which I think there's a pretty good chance of.

Anyway, that's all my news for now. Hope everyone has a great week! Grace and peace!

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