Feb 22, 2006

fell into my lap...

Hey everybody! I know I haven't written in ages, and I'm not even sure if anyone will read this, but at long last I actually have something to talk about, so here it is:

I have a great life. I pretty much always have. God has blessed me so much more than I could explain or even realize. The past several days have been, yet again, another testament to that. As most of you know, I've been subistute teaching for the past month-and-a-half. God has blessed me in that area by providing consistent work for me. Yesterday was the first day I didn't have work, other than when I took a sick day, since the first school day of January. As I have been trying to plan ahead for the summer, I have come to the realization that "summer" according to the school calendar is only 2 1/2 months long, and while I need a decent paying summer job, it would be hard to find one for such a short period of time. While having all of these facts in mind, I was really just leaving everything up to God and hadn't really taken much action in the way of finding a summer job. Then, on Monday night, Lisa came to Bible study with business cards of a lady who is an attourney who needs someone to work as a receptionist in her office. Of the roughly 20 ladies at Bible study, I was the only one who seemed even remotely interested, so I took a card and thought that this might be a good opportunity. Although I enjoy subbing and being in the classroom, it doesn't pay very well, so not only would it be more practical to take a different job now for pay reasons, it would also be easier to get a job now that I could keep through the summer, rather than finishing the school year and then looking for a two-month job. So after talking with Rob and some of my room mates to determine if this really was a good idea, I gave the lady a call yesterday and left a message. She returned my call this morning, and I met with her this afternoon. In about five minutes, I got the job and I start tomorrow! How crazy is that?! Benefits of this job over subbing: better pay; guaranteed full-time work; possible healthcare benefits! What a huge blessing! So I will still be trying to get a permanent teaching position for the fall, but in the event that that does not happen, I can stay at this job as long as I need to.

Other good things happened today, too, involving a surprisingly pleasant doctor's appointment, lunch with the girls, and simply having the day off. Life is good. God is dropping things in my lap, left and right. Things are definitely falling into place and all coming together. I am looking forward to what's in store!

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