Feb 27, 2006

nearing march...

Well, as February draws to a close, life is going pretty well. God continuously provides for me (see last post) and I simply have nothing to complain about. Rob and I spent a very nice weekend in the Charlotte area of North Carolina visiting Megan and Truman, his sister and brother-in-law, who moved up there a few weeks ago from south Florida. Baby Scott is delightful, and Megan and Truman seem to have settled in nicely in their new place. We also got to spend some time with Rob's aunt and uncle (Connie and Keith) and his cousins Nathan and Matthew. They're such a great family. I really enjoy being around them, as well as the rest of the Stone family.

In other news, the new job is going well. It's relatively uneventful and brainless, but it's money. And the people are nice, as is the office. And I have my own office and computer, which, in combination with the fact that I have plenty of down time here, provides me with the opportunity to search for a new apartment and do wedding research, etc. (There's a wedding in the plans, for those who don't know.) Anyway, not much else to say today. I should be better at updating now with this job!

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