Mar 17, 2006


I love in the gospels when it says that Jesus spoke "as one having authority." It's as if everyone knew just by the way He spoke the words that He really did have control over everything.

It's interesting to me how the demons knew before the disciples that Jesus was the Son of God. I mean, I guess they'd been around longer and all that, so they should know, but it's interesting that they are quicker to say "We know who You are" than the disciples are. And the demons just recognized Jesus for who He was, without having to have any proof or anything. They just knew it was Him. The disciples waited for evidence, even after the whole "He speaks as one having authority" thing. They doubted continuously. And they were the ones on His side! The demons --His enemies-- never doubted His identity.

Just something to think about. Read Luke 4:31-5:11 to see where I got these thoughts.

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