Mar 14, 2006


A huge theme recently, especially at College Weekend at church, has been the idea of surrender. I was just reading in Luke where Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days fasting, and He was being tempted by Satan. First of all, the idea that Satan would try to tempt the Son of God Himself is such a strange concept to me. I mean, he knows Who He is and how powerful He is and that he is ultimately at His mercy. But regardless, the truth is that Jesus was tempted. And the way He withstood temptation was that He was completely surrendered to the will of His Father. We, being much, much smaller than Jesus, must follow His example of resisting temptation. The only way to do it is to surrender to the will of God. Our will, when left to ourselves, is evil. God's will is pure and holy and righteous. In order to be pleasing to God, in order to resist temptation of any kind, we MUST surrender to His good, pleasing, and perfect will. That's the only way.

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