Apr 11, 2006


I'm feeling consumeristic today, as Marilyn would say. (That's the more appropriate term to what we generally call "materialistic.") My new want is a Nikon D50 digital SLR camera. I love my film SLR, but I've conceeded to the idea that I currently don't (and won't for a while) have the means or opportunity to do my own processing and developing, so I've started to cross over to the digital world. The hands-on aspect of film processing will always hold a special place in my heart, but without the opportunity to do that, film photography is less enticing because it would leave the final results of the photos up to the CVS developing. At least with digital, I have the opportunity to view and edit my photos before I print them. I have a digital camera now, and I have had a lot of fun using it, but there's so much more you can control with an SLR. Anyway, those are my random thoughts on photography and consumerism this morning. If you feel like donating to the "Meg wants an expensive new toy" fund, let me know! Just kidding. Later.

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