Jun 15, 2006


Aside from a precautionary trip to the emergency room in the morning, yesterday was a pretty fantastic day. Rob and I had both taken the day off for our furniture to be delivered, but to explain the emergency room part, Rob went to the emergency room first thing yesterday morning to make sure he was okay after waking up with chest pains. The pains didn't last, but we stayed and had him checked out, just to be safe. He's pretty much good to go. I told him he had gas. When we were finally able to leave at noon, we went home to find our furniture waiting for us. Rob cooked a great breakfast and we spent the next few hours setting up our new stuff. I left Rob to put together the final piece on his own while I painted a canvas to hang in our kitchen. It was my attempt at mimicking some paintings we both enjoy at one of the local galleries. My version is very elementary, but it works for now. After drying, the painting was hung, the house was cleaned, and we enjoyed some time in the pool. We took a trip to Pier 1, which is a great store, to pick up a few accessories for the living room, and then we had Holly and Kyle over for dinner, as I had cooked my first-ever pot-roast. It turned out pretty well, I think. Rob kept telling me it was aweful in an attempt to get me to stop eating so he could have the rest of mine, but other than that, the response from everyone was a good one. There's lots of things, like pot-roast, that I understand the concept of how to cook, and I am capable of cooking it okay, but I'll have to try it several times before I get everything exactly how I like it. I'd like to mess around with different seasonings and stuff to see what gives it the most flavor because it's easy just to cook most things, but the "art" of it is giving it a great flavor. As I've only ever had to cook for myself up until this point, I haven't done a lot of very "involved" cooking. Dishes have been small and simple, for the most part, because you can't really do most things in small quantities. Anyway, so that's my cooking tangent. I guess I'm just really looking forward to having the opportunity to cook more and to cook a wider variety of stuff. And luckily, I have a cool kitchen to cook in, as well.

So that's really all I have to say for now. I know it was random and rather pointless, but I just felt like writing about the happenings of yesterday. Here's a question for you: what's your favorite meal? If you give me your answer, and if you come to my house at some point, I might just make it for you!

grace and peace

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