Jun 2, 2006

happy friday...

I would love to say that this is about to be a post chock-full of insightful writings and things of great interest, but unfortunately, that is just not the case. I feel like writing, although I have nothing really to say, so I'll just give the general update of what's going on in my life. Monday was a holiday, so this was a short work week, which was really nice. Today marks the end of my first week in the condo, which is absolutely glorious. Being there, however, reminds me of how "anti-social" I am. Not "anti-social" meaning that I hate people or anything; it's just that I seem to thrive or refule when I'm able to be on my own. I guess that's only the case when I have things to keep me busy though (unpacking, organizing, etc.), because when I'm alone and have nothing to do I get lonely pretty easily. I think I most enjoy mornings to myself. I like having the whole place to myself in the mornings so I can turn on lights and make noise as I please withouth having to be concerned if I'm waking anyone up. And I have to admit, I like the freedom of walking around half-dressed when I feel like it. Although I haven't met him, I think Donald Miller and I have similar personalities. In Blue Like Jazz he writes that he lives in community because he knows it's healthy for him. He would be perfectly fine being alone all the time, but he knows it's healty to be around people sometimes, so he makes a conscious choice to do so. That's me. I could probably be perfectly content without human contact for extended periods of time (execpt Rob), but that's probably not the healthiest thing for me, so I sometimes force myself to partake in social activities. Yesterday, however, was one of those days where it was better for me to have some alone time. I was sort of feeling it all day, and when a severe sinus headache was thrown into the mix, I knew it was best for me to stay home last night. So I skipped out on Fusion and organized the spare room instead (I have a lot of stuff).

Today is finally Friday, and while it was a short work week, it has been a busy one, so today's arrival is much enjoyed. I am looking forward to a relaxed evening to start off the weekend. Tomorrow I am very excited that I will be able to sleep in. There's no painting to do, no unpacking, no putting together of furniture, nothing. Last weekend I was up at 6:30 twice and 7:15 once, putting my new home together. I enjoyed it, but I am also planning to enjoy a lazier morning tomorrow. When I do finally wake up, I will probably take a long bath, as that is an option afforded to me at my new place. Rob's mom, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew will be coming into town around lunch time, so we will have lunch, let them check out the condo, and then caravan up to Jacksonville for a wedding shower at my parents' house, for which I am super excited (free stuff!). We will then make the trip back to St. Augustine where I'm sure Rob and I will have fun unloading all our new goodies. Ms. Barbi will stay at the condo with me, and Megan, Truman, and Scott will stay with friends Jacob and Erin. And then Sunday resumes the usual weekend activities: church, Bible study, lunch, frisbee, meeting.

That's all my news for now. Have a fantastic weekend!

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