Jul 17, 2006

this week...

I'm getting married on Friday! You couldn't possibly understand how excited I am about that! We got our marriage license this morning, and I'm not gonna lie, the thought definitely crossed our minds to go find a notary and get married today, but we decided that if we were gonna elope, we should have decided that months ago, and I'm not all about doing the 'fake' ceremony anyway. As far as wedding plans go, everything is falling into place nicely. The one big thing that was really giving me grief has been taken care of, so now it's really just all about waiting. I've got some little things to do on Wednesday and Thursday that will at least keep me busy, but not much to worry about.

You probably won't be hearing from me for a while again. I'm in my new classroom at the moment, taking some time to set a few things up. I don't currently have internet access at home, so the only posting or emailing I'll be doing will be when I'm here at school, for the most part. Friday's the wedding; we'll be gone for several days for the honeymoon in Savannah; then I'm back here mid-week for teacher training stuff; then we might take off again for the following weekend. Anyway, all that to say that even if you normally see Rob and I on a regular basis, we're going to be pretty much MIA for a while. Anyway, hope everyone is well. Take care, and keep us in your prayers.

grace and peace

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