Jun 29, 2006


I've pretty much "cleaned out my desk", so to speak. I took home all the random personal belongings (cups, hot chocolate, etc.) that I had accumulated here at work yesterday, and today I've gone through and deleted any personal files I had saved on my computer.

I'm drinking Dr. Pepper. That's rare for me. I pretty much stick to Diet Coke, but I don't have any for now, and I was needing some caffeen (that's not how you spell that, is it?). This is what was in the fridge here at work.

I will be unemployed for the majority of July. I'm working here Monday, and I will technically work two days at the end of the month at the school, but other than that, I will be unemployed, and consequently a bit poor.

I forgot to fix anything for lunch today (as I am low on funds, I'm trying to be good about bringing my lunch to work) so I threw some tortillas and some turkey sandwich meat in a bag and brought it with me. I'll find some lettuce and dressing in the fridge and make some sort of creation out of it. It should be interesting. I was creative last night for dinner, too, although it was Mexican, and all Mexican food is the same basic ingredients, so you can't really mess it up. It turned out good.

Rob and I have the final session of our pre-marriage counseling tonight. That has gone well. More than anything, it gives you stuff to think/talk about that you may have otherwise not thought of. And the people doing it are really nice, so that's been cool.

This weekend should be relatively relaxed. We are being given another wedding shower, but other than that, there's not any huge plans, which is awesome. I am looking forward to some time to relax. Tuesday is the 4th, which I'm also looking forward to. This will be my first 4th of July in St. Augustine, as I realized the other night.

Okay, I'm out of randomness to talk about, so I'll end here. Have a fantastic day.

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