Jun 19, 2003

A few posts ago when I talked about drinking, the blog that I made vague reference to was this one. (I might as well link to it if I'm gonna talk about it, even if my opinions differ from his in several areas. His post advocating drinking was on Thursday June 5.) I was re-reading his post last night to try to figure out if I agree or disagree with him. No matter what, I will say I am impressed by the appearant research he has done on what he writes. On this reading, I also read the TWENTY-FOUR comments that had been left (now 25 thanks to yours truely). Many interesting points were brought up. (I won't delve into which ones I agree with or disagree with.) In my quest for "answers" I realized, or rather God revealed to me, that far too often we focus on one particular aspect of life and make it seem like much more of a priority than it really should be. I think if we could keep our main focus on doing EVERYTHING to the glory of God life would be much better. However things like this have become issues in modern Christianity, and to some extent I guess we are forced to deal with them. There's a fine line to be drawn, I suppose, between the things we see as absolutes and the issues which should be left to personal conviction. Hmmm.... where I'm going with this I'm not sure. My main point I guess is to focus on God and not what other people are or are not doing. Don't make mountains of mole-hills. Don't judge people so harshly for believing slightly differently than you on little issues. Don't become like the Pharisees with their high-and-mighty list of DOs and DON'Ts. Most importantly (and slightly redundant) do what God calls you to do and also listen when He tells you "no."

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