Jun 21, 2003

I long so very much to have a day to go out and enjoy some great part of God's creation. Between the fact that I'm currently in the uneventful westside of Jacksonville (versus the beautiful and ever-popular St. Augustine) and the fact that it's been quite rainy, I've not had much to gaze at in wonder as of late. [I've recently become fond of the phrase "as of late." Not typical for most Americans, but I've picked it up from an Aussie.] I recall with fondness the days while I was at school that I broke away from my studying and sat at the fort on the edge of the Intracoastal, watching the tiny waves splash against the coquina wall and the ever-changing clouds overhead. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the westside.... well, that could be argued.... but there's just not much great scenery here. Anyway, I suppose I should try to find some time just to be outside for a while this weekend. Maybe it won't rain after I'm off of work tomorrow. Speaking of which, I have to go in earlier than normal tomorrow, so I should get to bed. G'night.

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