Jun 18, 2003

I've been pouring through websights today, just for the heck of it mostly. As I read many different opinions on many different subjects, I realized (actually remembered) that it seems as though I have sort of "reconsidered" my stance on several issues within the past year. I guess that's something that comes with going away to college; your eyes are opened to a whole new world, so to speak. But do not fear: I am not implying that I am in any way turning my back on my Christian upbringing. It's just that some things which I had a firm opinion on for no particular reason now seem more negotiable to me. Not the basics, just the details. The foundational principles of my faith are still the same, yet I am becoming more leniant on some of the "detail" items, which quite honestly may challange the opinion of the majority of the people (at least older people) in my church and even denomination. Okay, before you think I've completely gone off the deep-end, I'll explain what I'm talking about. Two particular issues come to mind: tattoos and drinking, neither of which do I participate in. About a year ago I probably would have told you that I absolutely positively think both are wrong. For that matter, on any given day in the present, I would probably come close to saying the same thing. Yet within the past year my convictions on those two issues have come into question.

As for tattoos, I would have sited Leviticus 19:28 as my reasoning for thinking that they were wrong. As I began truthfully thinking about the issue, however, I began to think about the fact that there are many other Levitical laws that we completely disregard in our modern lives, such as not eating pork. I studied Leviticus 19 on my own for a short while and concluded that even though there were things in it that could not apply to our lives today, such as laws for sacrifice, the majority of it could easily apply. More importantly, however, I came away with the belief that God simply wants us to be different from the lost world -- devoted to Him and seperated from the world's system of beliefs. I am no longer sure of my opinion of the wrong-ness of tattoos, but I do know that that is not the issue. The issue is whether or not we are devoted to God to the point that we would do whatever He asks of us, and furthermore would NOT do whatever He asks us not to do. Although it is weird not having a firm opinion, I'm actually glad I don't because it's helped me become less judgemental. Whether you do or don't have tattoos, I no longer care. (Not that I particularly cared in the first place. I wouldn't have hated you for it or anything.) Moving on...

As for drinking, I realized today how much I have shifted on this issue when I read a guy's site that more or less condoned it and backed it up with scripture, and I didn't throw a fit about how ungodly he is to use scripture in that way. For me not to make a big deal out of a "Christian" condoning drinking is a new thing. What he said kinda made sense, I'd have to say. Before, I would have said that to drink at all is wrong. I am beginning to think, however, that it is not so much the "drinking" but rather the being "drunk" that is wrong. The problem is most people can't do the former without eventually getting to the latter. In our society of "do what feels good" few people would stop after one or two drinks. And most people drink more to "fit in" than because they have a taste for the drink. That I do believe is wrong. A glass of fine wine with a formal dinner, I am beginning to think, is a decent thing. A beer at a ballgame, however, I think I still would not approve of. Dare I mention that I'm contemplating having a champaign toast at my own wedding (in the distant future!!)! Actually, that may not happen. I would rather not have it than offend people who would be there. Besides, seeing as how I've never drank ANYTHING, I don't know if I would like it. At any rate, I still would rather steer clear of drinking for the most part for many reasons. First, I know for me it would go against what my parents would want. Also, you never know what other people would think of it. If it would make me look like a "bad Christian" to someone, even if I thought they were wrong, I would rather not drink. Some people would suggest, in that case, only drinking in the privacy of your own home. But truthfully and honestly, how many issues really stay inside homes?? Eventually someone finds out, and then it looks like you're trying to hide something, which can make you look worse than if you just did whatever it was out in the open. Okay, this is getting long!

In conclusion... I'm not sure why I decided to post about this. Probably more for me than for anyone who may read this. I will say one last thing that my opinion has NOT changed on... actually two. Sex and abortion. I believe sex is exclusively for marriage. There's not much else I could say about that one. As for abortion, I do believe it is murder. I read somewhere today that supporters of abortion have called it "reproductive freedom". REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM???!!! Reproductive freedom is choosing whether or not to have sex in the first place!! HELLO!! No sex = no "unwanted" pregnancies. Seeing as how the majority of abortions are with unmarried girls, I think I covered my opinion of that in the first part of this paragraph. Anyway, it's too late for much of a rant on this topic tonight. Comments?

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