Aug 8, 2003

I've found a new obsession with photoblogs/fotologs/whatever-you-call-them (gee thanks Quinn... another thing to waste my time with!). I start out just looking at one site, but then I link to one of their favorites, and one of the next person's favorites, and so the cycle goes. The sites I totally love are A Closer Look, Flowerpower, and Black and White. My kind of photos, for sure!

I don't suppose I've mentioned this, so I will now. Allison tells me I should write a book. I still find that a bit humurous, but I figure I'll keep it in mind and see if I get "inspired" to write anything. I did tell her that if I ever actually do one, I will definitely have to include photography. For one, it will fill the space, for the lack of ingenious writing. More importantly, I love it! I guess I've always liked taking pictures, but a little over a year ago I got a camera that was worth while and started taking some "experimental" pictures, just to see how the different features of my camera worked. Some of them, to my delight, turned out pretty good. When I got to St. Augustine, I jumped on the opportunity to take pictures of Flagler, since the buildings are quite gorgeous. Some of those turned out nice (I think). My favorite pictures that I've taken thus far, however, would have to be my flower pictures. One sunny day during first semester last year, I walked around town snapping close-ups of all sorts of flowers. My two favorites are the hibiscus flowers: one pink, one red. I think I like photographing flowers and things in nature for the simple fact that they are not man-made. I look at those two pictures (which hang on my wall in 8x10s) and think, "wow, that's beautiful," yet I have no ownership of that beauty. The pictures are not beautiful because of expert photography; they are beautiful because the flowers which God made are so incredible. I like up-close pictures because we see "the big picture" all the time. If it weren't for an up-close picture of, say, tree bark, how often would we actually take time to appreciate the intricate detail of its texture? Not often. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

"Some people only like the kind of music they hear on the radio or at parties. What about classical? What about jazz? What about the sound of leaves blowing across the road? Music is everywhere. But hey, that's just me."
--a quote from a JCPenney's ad in September's YM magazine.

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