Aug 3, 2003

Linsay of W:W:L.O.L. has a post that reminded me of something Leslea wants to do as a ministry with some other people from our Sunday school class. Danny works (as a cop) in the rough parts of downtown and encounters many various people. Leslea wants to start ministering to the prostitutes and homeless in the area where he works. The idea is on a Saturday morning to get together and hand out little bag fulls of personal things that we take for granted yet these people cannot afford. I think it's an awesome idea, for the simple fact that ministering to prostitutes is stepping out of the comfort zone for most Christians. And it's not like we'd be going out there and preaching at them. Instead, we're going out and just showing a little love for these people. Let them know somebody cares that they exist. I think it's a cool idea. I really hope it works out in an awesome way.

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