Sep 4, 2003


Get this... I went to my 8am class this morning and there was only me and one other girl. Our professor never showed up--Dr. Finnegan--which isn't like her at all, so we went upstairs to the education department to figure out what was going on. We spoke to Dr. Williams and he was like, "hmmm... something sounds kinda funny about that... let me check the course schedule... Oh! she is scheduled for another class at the same time in the Library. You should go talk to her when that class gets out." So Jennifer beat me over to the Library later on, so she spoke with Dr. Finnegan. Turns out that we've already completed the course requirements for that class because of a class we took last semester, so we automatically get an A and we don't have to come to class!!! How hot is that?! I'm so excited!

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