Sep 2, 2003

Wow! What a week! I had so much fun. Allison and I stayed with Rex and Marti and family from Tuesday till Friday afternoon. (For those who don't know, Rex is our old youth pastor.) We had such a blast. It was good to be a part of their lives for a week. All of them are doing well. The kids are growing up (sniff!). Rex's furniture business is awesome! We went by the shop a few times, and also got to go to a consultation type meeting with Marti to a customer's home. The homes there are incredible! Anyway, most of the week we more or less participated in their normal day-to-day lives, nothing out of the ordinary, but it was really great. Friday, Allison and I headed over to Birmingham and stayed with Lydia S. in her dorm. Her roommate Kate is wonderful. Samford's campus is BEAUTIFUL!! Lyd's friends are pretty cool. Everything was really great. On the way home, Allie and me had a great little worship session with David Crowder, among others. It was a great trip.

Things I have enjoyed this week:

fireflies: we don't have those in Florida. They're amazing. God's really cool for making them!

beautiful weather: no daily afternopn thundershowers! It was great! The best was on Friday morning at the pool with the kids. Perfect.

good company and fellowship: I can't begin to express how much I've enjoyed all the people I've been around this week. Rex, Marti, their kids, the Dills, Allison, Lydia, Kate, Lyd and Kate's friends... it was all wonderful.

beautiful scenery: the hills are so georgous! Florida is so flat!

rainbows: one during the week and two on the trip home. Awesome reminders of the promises of God.

This is by no means a complete list of what I enjoyed this week. There are very few things I can think of that I did not enjoy. I had an absolutely awesome time. God blessed me so much this week. I'm sure I'll post about random things that happened on the trip as they come to me.

Back in the "Sunshine State": We got home on Sunday night (rather than Monday, as planned) which was good. Monday was spent running around doing laundry and last minute things to move on Tuesday (today). This morning was a little hectic, but I am now successfully moved-in in my dorm. Life is back to normal, whatever that means! Yay for high-speed internet in the dorms! For once, I am sitting at my own desk and working online. It's so exciting! What was not so exciting was string up a 50-foot cord from the plug on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM to my computer. I did a pretty good job of it though. I even rounded two corners and two door frames. All is well now. As for finishing unpacking my clothes.... well, I'll get to that eventually! That's about all the news for today. Later.

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