Dec 8, 2003

a week has elapsed...

Yeah, the semester's flying by (or should I say flew by) and posting has not been top on the list lately. So for those who care, I'll start with the latest updates. Hmmm... where to begin... Well, for starters, life is crazy at times. There has been immeasurable amounts of drama at points here on campus and elsewhere. Most of it hasn't directly involved me, but I definitely heard about ALL of it. On a better note, Laci and Greg are dating, and Andrew and I are dating. We all went out for a double date on Friday and had a really good time. The weather's finally decided to turn cool here. I'm enjoying that so far. Oh, and the best news EVER... I get to go to New York City for New Year's Eve!!! I'm soooo excited! Krissy, Christina, Andrew, and I are taking a TRAIN up there and meeting Erica (cause she lives in Jersey) and we're staying at her house. I can't wait! Other than that, finals are this week and then I'm going home on Thursday. I'll work most of the break, other than the week of our trip. That's about all my news for now. If I think of anything else to write about I'll try to get a chance to post this week. Bye for now.

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