Jan 18, 2004

God's so perfect...

Funny how God works everything out perfectly. At Fusion Leadership meeting tonight we had a specific time of sharing with each other that turned out to be really sort of cleansing. We shared with each other an aspect about ourselves that we knew we struggled with, or that we knew we needed to work on. It especially helped me see some things more clearly about situations going on right now in my life. I finally verbalized some things that I have been aware of in my head, and somehow speaking them out-loud helped me make them true in my heart, as well. One thing I acknowledged was that I often pray for God's will to be done above my own and for God to do whatever He sees fit in a given situation, yet when God actually starts to answer a prayer request by doing His will and doing whatever He sees fit, I get all upset because things aren't happening the way I thought they should. When I pray the prayer, I mean it, but when it actually happens, it's a lot harder to accept. I said it's almost like lying to myself by first saying that I do want God's will yet not accepting it when it's offered. As I mentioned, verbalizing these facts seemed to help me so much. In my present "situation" I had already determined earlier this week that I was okay with whatever the outcome would be, but tonight I really came to understand that this indeed was God answering my prayer... in His own way rather than mine. I dealt with the situation, and now I feel infinitely better. I'm so glad God takes such good care of me! And I am finally starting to realize that things work out better when I don't try to fight the answers God gives me! Anyway, that's all. It was a good night.

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