Jun 16, 2004

7/22 report...

I absolutely love 7/22! It was so good last night. I think for me it was more than the actual event that was awesome; it was awesome how God made everything "connect" last night. Matt Redman was leading worship, and one of the first songs we did was one of his new ones. There was a phrase in it that says "Lord, my ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you," which was a phrase that I had read just the day before! It really hit me when I read it on Monday, and then it was really reiterated when I heard it in the song on Tuesday. How cool! Then, Louie spoke. His topic fit in perfectly with what I had been reading from a book my Sunday school teacher gave me. Louie spoke about adjusting the way we approach God in prayer. It's actually a three-part message that he'll be completing throughout the summer sessions. Tomorrow I'll try to post some of the notes I took. It was really awesome, talking about how we need to bless God rather than asking Him to bless us. Anyway, more on that tomorrow. Erin came with me last night. I'm really glad she did, too. I think this is the first large-scale "modern worship" thing she's been to. She said she goes to the contemporary service at her church (when she's not working), but I'm pretty sure this was the largest number of Christian young people she's ever seen all in one place! She seemed to enjoy it, and I hope she comes again next month with me. Well, that's about all. If you're ever in the Atlanta area, definitely check into going to a 7/22 meeting. Later.

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