Jun 16, 2004

shop life...

Screaming saw. Whining sander. Mental radio attempts to and occasionally succeds at drowning them all out. Body focused in repetitive, mindless action, with mind free to wander as it pleases. Rehearse choir song... recall events of previous evening... plan for the future.... Song lingering from car radio hours ago. Twelve drawers done; on to the vanities. Song still lingers. Fumes replace breathable air. Finish this strip, then you can breathe.... Ah, much better. Sudden slap of cherry and pine on concrete. Wish they wouldn't do that. Men. A woman would find a better way. Lunch, at long last. Table full of mixed culture. American lunch meat and pizza; Mexican beans, rice, tortillas, and what-not. Divided conversations. Pale, humorus attempt at blending. Back to work. Choking afternoon heat. Sweltering. Sweat-saturated. Thick and relentless. Pounds should be dropping off me daily... waiting for that to happen. Heat replaces the usual mental freedom. Mornings are better. Nearing the finish. One more hour. What? Run an errand?! A break from the heat... I'd love to! Jugs of water switched and delivered... Homeward bound. Hasta manana.

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