Jul 10, 2004

mini shopping spree...

Well, I went to Target today to get out of the house and to find a water bottle that I like. I had two other necessities on my list, one of which Target did not have. But while there, I managed to spend $60. How does that happen? I don't think it was a waste though. I found a backpack for school, which I had been looking for; I got the water bottle I went for; I got soap, which was on my list; and my "splurge" item was a set of really trendy silverware that was marked down. The backpack is perfect, which is a big deal to me because I'm really picky about backpacks. This one's a black, fairly plain, one-strap Jan Sport. The water bottle is perfect, too. I'm also really picky about those. This one is made by Eddie Bower and it's this cool nearly-unbreakable plastic that's supposed to be better for you, health wise, than other plastics. The silverware were calling my name. I always look at silverware, but could never justify buying them until now. (Yeah, I'm weird. I'd rather shop for housewares than clothes any day.) The mark-down sign in front of them was all the justification I needed. I had one other splurge item the other day. I was at Pac-Sun with Marti looking for a hat for Sam's birthday when the world's most perfect pair of brown Reefs jumped out at me. There was one pair hanging at eye level, which was about 4 rows down from the others like it, and that pair was my size. I tried them on and I fell in love. Yes, they cost way more than I would normally spend on any shoes, much less flops, but they are incredibly comfortable, and I reasonably justified this one by determining that for approximately 75% of the past year all I have worn is my brown flops. So I'm really happy with the stuff I have purchased this week, but I'm not allowed to spend any more money. Hopefully I can stick to that!

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