Dec 30, 2004


Since I haven't officially written in a while, I guess I'll update everyone on current events in the life of Megan. Two weekends ago I went to Ft.Lauderdale with Rob for his parents' 25th wedding anneversary. It was a good trip. It was nice to meet everyone in the family and the people at the church where they grew up. Everyone was super nice and I look forward to seeing them again. Last week I didn't really do a whole lot, since I am without a job and not in school. I cooked dinner for Rob on Thursday night after going to the movies with him. I made chicken marsala... it was pretty good for a first attempt. Friday morning I went to Jacksonville for Christmas weekend. That afternoon Michael and Jeannie and their kids came over to do presents, so rather than leaving mine and mom and dad's few presents for Christmas morning, we just did them all together. After presents had been passed out to the "visiting" family members, I started on mine. My first gift was a tripod for my camera. I was very excited for that, and expected that to be my main present. The second one was a Rubik's cube... okay. I thought that was it for my presents; I wasn't expecting much since I hadn't asked for anything. I had forgotten one box however. My dad passed it to me, and I began opening it. It was filled with newspaper, so I was like oh it's probably a piece of jewelry or something small disguised in this big box. Not jewelry. Car keys. CAR KEYS!! Mom was like "What is it???" in her sarcastic I-already-know-what-it-is voice. I said "Keys... to something that's not here." "Are you sure?" she said. That's when I remembered that we now have a second garage behind the house. I threw on some shoes and we went marching out the back door. The garage door went up, the lights went on, and there it stood in all its glory: a beautiful electric blue 2004 Honda Civic. Upon inspection of the interior, my six-year-old nephew informed me that the car was "wicked awesome." "Yes, it is," I replied. If it weren't for the bitterly cold, wet weather we had that day (and the following), I would have taken the car out immediately, but the weather was just too gross. I've had plenty of opportunity to drive since then, so all is well. The car has since been named Bret.

That's about all my excitement thus far for Christmas break. Except that I got two cool new watches from Rob, along with the newest Relient K cd. Rob and I also went out with Greg and Laci on Monday and had a very nice time. Then, we had dinner with my parents on Thursday night, which was the first time Rob met them. It was nice. I think they're pleased. For New Year's Eve we didn't have too much excitement. Rob, Chris, Krissy, and I hung out. The guys had been watching the Miami/Florida game at dinner and came to pick us up at half-time, and we went to watch the second half at All-Stars. We then came back to our place to watch the ball drop. Krissy decided we needed to do a toast, but we didn't have anything for toasting. So she made us "Apple Cider Spritzers" with apple cider and Sprite. They weren't too bad. Today I'm doing laundry and packing because we leave at 4am to go to Nashville for the Passion confrence!!!!! I'm so excited! It's going to be awesome. The plan currently is that none of us (who are together) are going to sleep tonight; we're just staying up until 4am, rather than sleeping for a few hours and having to get up so rediculously early. We'll sleep on the long bus ride. I can't wait to get there!! Okay, that's about all. I'm headed out for some laundry. Later.

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