Apr 26, 2005


Yes, there are probably a million other things I should be doing besides posting right now, but this alone is what I feel like doing. I could be cleaning the bathroom, cleaning under the kitchen sink (which desperately needs to be done), finishing my resume, doing my quiet time (as I have not done it yet today), filling out the application for my next FTCE, .... the list goes on. As for the cleaning options, I have been telling myself for days that I would do those things.


I led ladies' Bible study last night. I think it went well. We had lots of good discussion, which is what I always hope for in Bible studies. Looks like I'll be leading again next week because half of the girls will be away on the Mexico mission trip, and the others who will be left didn't want to take next week. I'm speaking at Fusion next Wednesday, too. Not sure on what yet. The following Friday is Phil and Tracy's wedding, which is very exciting, and the next day is the Edge. All in all, that should be a fun weekend.

That's all my news for now. Grace and Peace.

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