Apr 25, 2005

good weekend...

Well, my last-ever finals are over! Life is good. I spent this weekend in Ft.Lauderdale with Rob's family for his sister Megan's baby shower. Rob and I and Megan's friend Erin all rode down on Friday evening. Saturday, the females did the shower thing, which was fun. By the end of it I was sort of done with all the girlieness, but then it was nice to sit around with the other three "under-25" girls and sort all the good stuff that Megan got. (The average age of those in attendance at the party was probably 60... church friends and family members.) Sunday Rob and I led worship at the church where his family attends... small, older-generation Nazarine church... a lot different than leading at Fusion, but it's still fun. After a relaxing lunch with the family, we headed back home to St.Augustine.

Today has been nice and relaxing. I got to sleep in, and then didn't have anywhere to go. I made some calls about potential summer jobs, but so far no luck. I had a nice lunch with Rob, despite slight chaos involving ducks. Then, I came home and reviewed the stuff for ladies' Bible study because I'm leading tonight. I like leading Bible study because all there really is to it is telling what I learned from the verses and then having other people share their thoughts. It doesn't rely so heavily on me, like speaking at Fusion, which I'm doing a week from Wednesday. I don't mind speaking. Truth be told, I probably would hardly ever volunteer for it without being asked, but when I am asked I don't turn it down because I know that those are specific opportunities that God is giving me. I try not to tell God "no" any more than I already do! Still working on not doing it at all.

God's will is a cool thing I think. It happens in the little things of life. As I was praying last night I acknowledged that God knows what He's doing by not telling us everything all at once. For example, He tells us to go somewhere without telling us a purpose, but He has intended for something good to happen to us if we go. If we are obedient, and therefore are in the right place at the right time, whatever it is that God had planned for us will happen. I think that's why I don't tend to get so worked up about "What is God's will for my life?" because I know that He accomplishes that will little by little in the day-to-day stuff. All I need to be concerned with really is doing the little things He tells me to do. That's sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes I don't want to do the little things He tells me to do... because I don't see the purpose in them, or I just don't feel like it, or it seems too inconvenient, or whatever. And other times I want to worry about all the other stuff besides just being obedient. But if we keep our focus where it's supposed to be, God's will happens. That's cool.

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