Apr 29, 2005

good times...

So I bought my first-ever pair of Airwalks today. The slip-on kind. They're black with pink trim. I like the statement on their hang-tag. It said, "we made this for you. feel the love. mad styles since 1986." I got them for half-off at Payless because I bought another pair of shoes, too. Two pairs of shoes in one day... life is good. I also got a minor problem with my car fixed today... quickly and for free... can't beat that. And I had a spicy chicken soft taco supreme from Taco Bell for lunch... surprisingly good.

On Thursday nights Rob and I are in the habit of watching "The O.C." at 8:00. So we were sitting on his couch last night, like every other Thursday night, awaiting the voice that says, "Last time on the O.C. ..." and what do we hear in its place??? "The President of the United States." I have no objection to the President addressing the nation, but during prime time??? Can't they put it on during the middle of the day where if you really wanted to watch it you would have to make a special effort, and it wouldn't interrupt any quality television, only soap operas? That would seem logical to me. But the good news came today that next Thursday will be back-to-back episodes, the one we missed out on and the one that would have shown next week anyway.

I just read an article about Copeland in the latest issue of Relevant magazine. I really enjoy Copeland. I like what Aaron is quoted as saying: You need to "do whatever makes you the most positive, loving and Christlike." The article mentions the fact that Copeland is Christian guys playing in a band without being a "Christian band." I liked that it said "They prefer performing in clubs and smoky bars because that is where they can best identify with people, and on the other side of the coin, it is where there is the greatest need to hear Copeland's messages of pain, spirituality, faith, and hope." They seem to be good guys.

Other exciting news: I got to see my niece Allison yesterday. She's cute. Learning how to scream, though. But it's just one of those things little babies go through. I think she'll outgrow it quickly. Amy was practically dying yesterday because she so badly wants Allison to laugh (as she hadn't quite mastered that yet), but Mom said this morning that Allison laughed for the first time last night for David and Amy. That's exciting. I think those little "milestones" are cool. I look forward to the day I'm a parent marking down all the cheesy little things I find to be amazing about my child. Other exciting news: Mom took me shopping at Old Navy yesterday and I got some good stuff. That's always cool.

Sad news of the day: Christina is packing up. We will seriously miss her.

Looking forward: going on a date tonight... dinner and watching "Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Sure to be a good time.

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