May 12, 2005

the little allison...

allison harper lee Posted by Hello

This is my baby niece Allison. The picture was taken when she was only three days old. She is now nearly four months... and has taken a liking to screaming. Mom, who has been baby-sitting weekdays, is not such a fan of that. But Mom is done as of tomorrow. Next week the other grandma will be in town watching her, and after that it's summer for Amy (my sister-in-law) because she teaches.

Here are a few things I am looking forward to in the near future: getting a job; trip to NYC with the youth choir; trip to Atlanta for the 4th with Rob (and seeing the Briants); tonight's episode of the O.C.; potential of going to Cornerstone on Saturday; potential of going to the Bright Eyes concert in June; the up-and-coming six-month anneversary. All terribly out of order. Things I am not looking forward to: attempting to get my finances in order; writing an essay for my scholarship; going to Jacksonville tomorrow to do a chore requested by my mother; baby screaming at me when I get there; conflict of interests and events next weekend. Sorry nothing remarkably interesting to write about today. Such is my life. Erica has departed for New Jersey and won't return until the end of August, so we are down to four for now. Marilyn is trudging her way through Design 1 for summer term. Krissy and I are both looking for jobs and are enjoying the sleeping in late, although she has her internship, so she legitimately has more to do with her days than I do. I hardly see Nicole. Christina sounds like all is well in Orlando. And last we heard, all was well for Jess in New York. So that's the room mate update. Peace out.

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