May 10, 2005


self portrait, mirror Posted by Hello
So this is me. I don't guess I've posted a picture of myself before. I finally decided today to scan in a bunch of my photography so that I could post some of it here, so more photos will appear in days to come.

Info about my work, for those who care:
I do traditional gelatin-silver prints (meaning not digital). My camera is a Nikon N75. I use Agfa 400 film. I prefer printing on Ilford RC pearl paper, but I also print on Ilford Fiber, both glossy and matte. (The paper makes a world of difference.) I use both condenser and cold-tone enlargers, but generally prefer the cold-tone. That's about all the technical information. For now, all my printing is done in Flagler's dark room. Maybe one day when I grow up and have my own house, if I'm still really into it, I'll be able to have my own dark room. For now, I just make do.

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