May 15, 2003

God spoke to me this morning in my quiet time. I was (am) reading in Numbers. I'm in chapter 11 where the children of Israel decided that they were sick of eating manna and wanted meat. They continued their complaining until God more or less couldn't stand it any more. He said (in paraphrase), "Okay, tomorrow you're going to eat meat. You're not going to eat it for one day, or two, or five, or ten, or twenty, but for a whole month. You're going to eat it till it's commin' out your nose and you get sick at the very thought of it." Quite honestly, that paraphrase isn't very far off from the actual verses! (11:18-20) God was really frustrated with the children of Israel because all they had been doing since they left Egypt was complain. Every day they got worse; they kept saying, "we should go back to Egypt; it was better there than it is here." I mean, look at it from God's perspective: He just rescued these people from a horrible life of slavery and has them on their way to basically the greatest place on earth, and all they can do is gripe and complain about what's on the menu! Sounds incredible, but that's what we do. Or at least I do. Day after day God protects us and even rescues us from bad situations, but as soon as we're out of trouble, we start finding things to complain about. And even though God has us on the path to bigger and better things, we don't have enough patience, or faith, to wait till we get there. Instead, we say, "hey God, I can just go back where I was. I'll be okay." YOU IDIOT!! No you won't be okay! God just had to rescue you from that place, and somehow you think if you go back there now it might be better?? We're awefully dumb sometimes! Anyway, God showed me that I'm often ungrateful for the things He's doing in my life, and I lack the faith to trust Him to take me to a better place. But I'm starting to learn! Through God, there's hope for all of us!

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