May 22, 2003

Wow. You can be in the midst of throwing yourself a pity-party, but as soon as you cry out to God for help instead of just feeling sorry for yourself, He intervens. Honestly, I was having a really bad day today, but I poured it all out to God, and before I was even done, the phone rang. Just a friend calling to ask me to hang out, but it's exactly what I needed. God always knows what I need. Sometimes I think I know, but I'm usually wrong! God never gets it wrong, though. Pretty stinkin' amazing. Here's a note from my Bible that I thought was pretty cool. It's talking about 1Kings 17:10.

"In a nation that was required by law to care for its prophets, it is ironic that God turned to ravens (unclean birds) and a widow (a foreigner from Jezebel's home territory) to care for Elijah. God has help where we least expect it. He provides for us in ways that go beyond our narrow definitions or expectations. No matter how bitter our trials or how seemingly hopeless our situation, we should look for God's hand of care. We may find his providence in some strange places!"

Cool. It's good to know that God is not limited by my "narrow defititions" of Him. I'm glad He always goes above and beyond what I expect or could ever hope for.

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